Why Private Health Management?

Our mission at Private Health is to get our clients the very best healthcare in the World, whether it’s something as seemingly routine as an ear infection, sore throat, a rash, a sprained ankle, or something as significant as cancer or heart disease. We have the relationships, the resources, the experience, and the expertise to guide our clients to the very best medical care.

There is no company or organization or service out there that can deliver the type of results, the type of outcomes, to patients in the manner that we can. We’ve seen the health care system at its very, very best. We’ve seen it at its very, very worst. And we have come to understand what it takes to deliver superior outcomes to patients. We are maniacal, obsessive compulsive, about getting it right for you.

Leslie D. Michelson

Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer

Gregg S. Britt

President and Member, Board of Directors

Our Unique Approach

Your personal care team will follow a rigorous 4-step process to ensure you receive the best care, whether the health need is simple and routine or serious and complex.


We perform a ‘deep dive’ to understand everything about your health issue or concern. This includes gathering all past medical records, imaging, lab work and hospital records to review all of your prior care.


We ensure you receive the proper diagnosis before any treatment is recommended or implemented. You would be surprised how frequently the existing diagnosis is not entirely correct.

Care Plan

We involve the best and most narrowly-focused experts to establish the most effective care plan. When the stakes are high, “good” is not good enough. You need the very best.


We oversee the implementation of your care plan, ensuring all of your care providers coordinate with each other. We bring order to the chaotic health care system.

Patient Stories


Mrs. M

“The other ‘experts’ gave me a few months to live, but Private Health introduced me to the world’s expert in my condition. 2 years later, my ‘terminal’ cancer is still in remission”
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Mr. & Mrs. R

“What started out as a relaxing vacation soon turned into a nightmare. Private Health made sure we received the best care in the city.”
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Mr. S

“My personal doctor had advised a risky heart valve replacement procedure. 7 days after contacting Private Health I was in surgery with a skilled surgeon who successfully performed an alternative, less invasive procedure.”
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