You need to know that you are receiving the best possible care and outcome whether your health needs are simple and straightforward or complex and serious. Private Health is the definitive source for coordinated access to the best physicians and surgeons in the world. (But there’s more. But that’s not enough. But that’s not all) Your Private Health clinician-led Personal Care Team, in concert with our expert advisory board of world-class specialists, develop state-of- the-art treatment plans for you and coordinate all medical and logistical aspects of your care. Your Private Health Personal Care Team is available to you 24/7 globally without limitation.

Enterprise Health Services

For Companies

Implementing solutions to keep employees healthier and more efficient while reducing health care costs. Your employees are spending an increasing amount of time navigating the chaotic healthcare system. From the seemingly simple act of finding an “in network physician” to dealing with a serious medical issue for themselves or a dependent, the time, energy, emotion and logistics of sourcing quality medical care seriously diminishes their ability to focus on your business. Private Health provides a comprehensive suite of services delivering the best healthcare resources available anywhere in the world to ensure your most valuable assets, your employees, remain in optimal health. Read more…


Intensive Case Management

For Serious Medical Issues

You can exhale. When you have a significant medical need, receive a serious diagnosis or fighting a chronic health condition, our Intensive Case Management services will ensure you receive the best possible care and outcome. Your Private Health Personal Care Team will marshal the very best medical resources in the world to work together on your behalf. Read more…

Membership Services

For Individuals & Families

Our Membership Program provides generally healthy individuals and families’ comprehensive health care coordination and optimization (locally/nationally/globally) and guaranteed access to Intensive Case Management Service. Our proactive services and support ensure you remain in optimal health and have access to the most sophisticated medical care whether you are close to home or across the globe. Let Private Health manage all your family’s healthcare needs, from routine questions about specific medical concerns, to assured access to first-rate care while you travel, to leadership of a critical care team when the stakes are high. With Private Health as your partner and advocate, you’ll always know you’re receiving the very best in medical care – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, anywhere in the world. Read more…