“Private Health has provided the most comprehensive, knowledgeable, professional health consultation I have ever received.   It’s like having a network of top notch specialists as your best friends.  PH involvement saved me a huge amount of time which I could then channel to my work.”

“With a family of 6, Private Health Management has been a key part of finding the right doctor for my constantly changing family needs… doing research I would have to do myself saving me hours of time and days of research… PHM is a life saver (literally for me.)  They will always be the first I go to with any medical needs.”

“I found myself very sick while in Germany…I did not speak the language, so Private Health found a doctor to come to my hotel room (at 1 o’clock in the morning, no less!). Without Private Health the rest of my trip would have been ruined.”

“I honestly cannot express how invaluable Private Health service was to me. My personal care physician gave me her cell phone number and I was texting her at all hours, she always responded without hesitation.  She came to doctor’s appointments with me… It was so great to have a nurse there with me who could ask the right questions.”

“I was recently diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer (aka “the good cancer”) and have been afforded the most incredible medical care under our Private Health Plan.  In the face of all the fear and uncertainty that comes with this diagnosis, Private Health has alleviated the stress … and has set me down the path to recovery.”

“With Private Health, a process that could have taken many months of waiting around, took less than one week and the surgery was complete.  Private Health was my advocate and with me the entire step of the process.  Their entire team was at my disposal for anything: same day appointments with ANYONE that could help with my case, insight from their team of doctors via email and conference calls and all of the literature one could imagine.  I could never repay this team for what they’ve done for my family.”

“When I first heard about PH, I didn’t think much of it…but the service was offered through my company so I figured I might as well sign up for it as there was no downside.

Fast forward a few months later when my chronic knee injury (torn ACL) deteriorated to the point where I could barely walk and my entire leg was swelling up.  Long story short, I had developed stage IV cancer that originated in my leg and had spread throughout my body.

The diagnosis was a complete shock, and action was vital and urgency high.  Having Private Health to help guide me through this OVERWHLEMING process of sorting through research, periodicals, blogs, deciding on the best doctors, second opinions, and finally establishing the correct diagnosis and course of action and treatment was, without a doubt- vital and in hindsight I could not have done it without them.  It was literally life-saving and critical.”

“At a time when you are the most vulnerable, scared, and just plain frozen from shock- Private Health is the one who steps in and has already taken action when you and your family may be too emotional or frazzled to continue forward.  By the time you’ve processed what has happened, they’re calling to inform you that you have an appointment first thing tomorrow morning with the top specialist/researcher in the field who was booked months in advance when you tried calling yourself.  They’re the ones who dummy down the mountain of data and medical terms and cutting-edge treatment options that are thrown at you by various doctors that can sometimes be too complicated to understand initially.  They help you form a confident plan of action to best suit your situation.  Put bluntly, you want them on your side.  I highly, highly recommend this service and am tremendously grateful to my company’s management for offering such a top-level service to us.”