Your employees are spending an increasing amount of time navigating the chaotic healthcare system. From the seemingly simple act of finding an “in network physician” to dealing with a serious medical issue for themselves or a dependent, the time, energy, emotion and logistics of sourcing quality medical care seriously taxes/diminishes their ability to focus on your business. Private Health provides a comprehensive suite of services delivering the best healthcare resources available anywhere in the world to ensure your most valuable assets, your employees, remain in optimal health.

Our service for corporations is designed for companies that recognize that their employees’ health is vitally important to their success. We provide covered employees unlimited access to our physician referral service and unlimited use of our research team to address health related questions. We also include in our retainers payment for a set number of Intensive Case Management cases and provide management for medical emergencies outside of the country. We customize our services and fees to meet the needs of each client.


” Every year, we just get blind-sided by a few cases that cost us between $100k and $500k each. There must be a better way to manage my most expensive cases – I just don’t know what it is.

CEO – mid-size, self-insured company


Quality deficiencies are dangerous and expensive, costing employers an average of $1,900 to $2,500 per employee per year.

Our unique, seamless “support as needed” service configuration delivers the best preventive, diagnostic, therapeutic, and emergency care for all health issues around the world.

Health care issues can derail the best employees and the best companies. Are you prepared?

When your people are your greatest asset, Private Health delivers unparalleled solutions for Risk Management and Operational efficiency.  Private Health offers Enterprise Membership to protect and empower key employees mitigating key-man risk due to illness or injury.  We deliver concierge support so employees can focus on their business.  We focus on keeping your people healthy so they can focus on your business.

Wealth Managers

Wealth managers with HNW and UNHW clients need to provide a full gamut of personalized service. Private Health offers solutions for Wealth Managers looking to round out their platform to deliver top end solutions for all parts of life. Together, Wealth managers and Private Health help our clients achieve their financial goals and live long enough and well enough to enjoy it.


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